3 top tips for your wedding ceremony!

So, you're getting married? Congratulations!

Here are my 3 top tips to think about before you start booking anything. And yes, I have said before you start booking anything. Make sure you give this blog a read before making any decisions on your ceremony.

Tip Number 1: Know your options

You probably know that you can have either a religious ceremony or a Registrar to officiate your ceremony. But what if neither of those options appeal to you? Luckily, there is a third option of a completely personalised ceremony with a celebrant. So make sure you do your research on all 3 officiant options and choose the right one for you as a couple.

Tip Number 2: Prioritise your ceremony

When planning a wedding, people usually book their venue and go into the depths of photographers, videographers, food, venue styling… The list goes on. But my second tip is make sure that you don’t leave your ceremony as an afterthought. Prioritise it early on. As remember, without a ceremony, everyone wouldn’t be there to celebrate with you. So make it a priority and give it the same attention as the rest of your day.

Tip Number 3: Make it memorable

You want people to remember your wedding day as a whole – not just for the party part. So, put thought into your ceremony. Have ways to make it memorable not only for you as a couple, but for your guests too. The easiest way to do that is to completely personalise your ceremony with a celebrant. Your ceremony will completely reflect you as a couple and there will be things in there that your guests will remember in years to come. You want your guests to be engaged for your ceremony, not thinking about when the drinks reception is!

Now, stop and think about your ceremony

It doesn’t matter what your choice of officiant is. It just needs to be the right one for you as a couple. And if you prioritise it, then you’re on for a great day.

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With love,
Jemma x

Photo Credit: Emma Shaw Photography