3 reasons why you should have a ceremony in your garden

A ceremony in your garden? Yes it is possible!

How exciting, you’ve decided to plan a ceremony. And you wish you could have your ceremony in your garden?
Whether you’re planning a wedding ceremony, a naming ceremony or a vow renewal – this is a must read for you!

Whatever the celebration, having a ceremony in your garden is a wonderful way to make your celebration unique. Plus, there are a number of advantages to having your ceremony in your garden. So, if you’ve ever wondered if it is possible to have your wedding in your garden, then carry on reading… I have 3 reasons why it is a great idea!

1. You (and any children) are more relaxed

There’s no place like home, right?! Having a celebration in your garden means if you often worry about going to new places. This is not an issue. You are surrounded by your home comforts. Meaning you can truly relax.

Your children can keep to a similar nap schedule. You’re not having to fit travelling to a venue with a possible danger nap! And the best part? You can fit your ceremony around when works for you, meaning happier children that are well rested. That's right, no time restraints!

It also means that if your child starts to get tired later, you can put them down for a sleep or for quiet time a lot easier at home than when you’re out.

2. It’s cheaper!

There, I said it. It’s cheaper! You’re not having to worry about the cost of a venue and travelling there (I mean fuel prices are high at the best of times, but they’re crazy right now!).

You are likely to still have costs for food, drinks and decorations, for example. However, the biggest expense is usually the venue. So, cutting that out is going to be a major saving for you.

It also means that you could then have money to spend in other areas that you had thought were out of reach. Such as having a professional photographer or videographer.

You could also then have the budget for something like an on the day coordinator or a stylist. This isn’t something that is essential, but could be something you are now able to consider.

3. Can plant a tree!

Stay with me here… As part of your ceremony, you could choose to plant a tree. Or a bush, rose, or any other plant for that matter. The beauty of having a ceremony in your garden is that the plant can be planted directly into the ground during the ceremony. You’re not having to move a big heavy pot back home, like you would if you planted a plant at a venue.

The beauty of a ritual like this is that you can watch the plant grow with you over the years of your marriage. Or if you’re having a naming ceremony, you can watch it grow with your child over the years. It really is a wonderful way to bring everything together and involve as much of the family as you like! Everyone could scoop some soil into the ground, for example.

Is this really possible for a wedding?

Yes! You can have a wedding celebration in your garden with a celebrant – that way you get all the benefits of my 3 reasons above. Check out my blog here to find out more about the details on what you’d need to do to legalise your marriage.

Okay, you’ve convinced me! What's next?

Amazing! I cannot wait to start talking about your ceremony with you. A ceremony exactly where you want it to be really is possible. So if a ceremony in your garden is something you’re interested in knowing more about, get in touch and see what I can help create for you today!

With love,
Jemma x