A Registrar isn’t available, how can I have my wedding?

A Registrar isn't available - help! What do I do?

First of all, congratulations - You’re getting married! This is such an exciting time for you.
Secondly, don't panic - read on, I have some helpful insight for you.

During wedding planning, I am sure the first two things you have thought of are:

  • When to get married (i.e. the date)
  • Where to get married (i.e. the venue)

  • Once these are decided, and possibly booked, the next thing you have probably been advised is "book your Registrar". But what if you have found your dream venue, on your dream date but a Registrar isn’t available? Or a Registrar is only available at a time that really isn’t convenient?

    I have my venue and date set, what next?

    You could change your dream venue to one in a different Council catchment area, in the hope of a Registrar being available on your chosen date.
    Or you could change your perfect wedding date to one where there is a Registrar available.
    But neither are ideal, right?

    Have you thought about a Celebrant led ceremony?

    A Celebrant can officiate your wedding ceremony on your perfect date and at your dream location.

    A Celebrant will work with you in the months leading up to your ceremony to get to know you and your partner. They will learn about your love story and what is most important to you, and for your ceremony. Then, they will create a ceremony script completely unique to you! That’s right, no rules or must-do’s. A Celebrant will create a script that is just yours, full of your stories and beautifully bespoke.

    So, what's the catch?

    A Celebrant led ceremony is not currently legal in England. However, you can easily attend your local Registry office in the days before your wedding day to complete the legalities. You and your partner can choose to have a simple “2 by 2” appointment. You'll both declare the legal wording in front of your 2 witnesses and the Registrar, and sign the register. It could be compared to registering a birth, for example. A special and poignant moment in your lives, but not like your birthday where you have your celebration.

    Your wedding day ceremony can then be conducted by the Celebrant. Here you can have all your friends and family present, exchange rings and have your official celebration.

    That sounds great, what next?

    I love to create beautifully unique, contemporary wedding ceremonies and would love to have the opportunity to create yours! I would take the time to really understand your love story and to make sure your ceremony involves those closest to you. You don’t need to worry that the person at the end of the aisle officiating your wedding is a stranger (did you know you only get to meet the Registrar about 10 minutes before your “I do’s”?!). As we work together in the months before your wedding, you have time to get to know me as well, so it will feel like a friend at the end of the aisle. I will be able to put you at ease, so you can really enjoy one of the most special moments in your life.

    If you’d like to find out more about how I can help, head over to my contact page and get in touch. I cannot wait to hear from you.

    With love,
    Jemma x
    Image credit: Ellen Sear
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